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Attorney Justin Shepherd

Attorney Mark Osborne


Attorney Justin Shepherd

Justin ShepherdJustin Shepherd has been fighting for defendants, victims, and the wrongfully accused ever since his first day as a lawyer (which was sometime in October of 2000). Justin began his legal career as a criminal defense attorney with the New Hampshire Public Defender's Office. During his four years as a public defender, Justin zealously fought for and compassionately stood by all of his clients in criminal courts throughout southern New Hampshire. Justin's steadfast dedication to serving the most underprivileged of our society taught him that there is always something more a lawyer can do to help a client. By working with investigators and other talented lawyers, Justin learned that there are always two sides to every story.

With a heart for public service, Justin decided that in order to grow as a lawyer, he became a prosecutor with the Rockingham County Attorney's Office. It was there that he met his friend and law partner, Mark Osborne. During such time Justin worked diligently to find fair and just resolutions to every felony, misdemeanor, and DWI case for which he was responsible.Hello

Justin's legal talent and trial skills brought him to the attention of the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office, where he was offered a position prosecuting serious felonies such as rape, arson, child molestations, robberies, and other violent crimes. As a minister of justice, Justin was sure to temper justice with mercy and fairness to all defendants with whom he dealt.

In July of 2007, Justin and Mark decided that the time had come for them to find new ways to help people. They also decided that the satisfaction in working for themselves on their own terms would make them better lawyers and more available to the community.

On June 8, 2007, Justin and Mark opened the doors to the Law Office of Shepherd & Osborne, PLLC. Since that day, Justin and Mark have been working together, effectively fighting for their clients all over New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Attorney Mark Osborne

Mark OsborneAfter watching a jury trial at the age of thirteen, Mark Osborne knew he wanted to be a lawyer. After graduating from college, he attended New England School of Law in Boston, MA from which he graduated in 2003.


Even while in law school, Mark Osborne represented underprivileged families and senior citizens in the Boston Housing Court, where he worked tirelessly to keep them from beng evicted from thier homes. After graduating from law school, Mark decided that rather than joining a large Boston law firm, he wanted to continue to help people. He continued to walk down the career path of public service by accepting a prosecutor's position with the Rockingham County Attorney's Office.


During his tenure at the Rockingham County Attorney's Office, he prosecuted countless DWI's and misdemeanor cases in the Portsmouth and Auburn District Courts. He also began trying felony cases before juries in the Rockingham Superior Court. It was during this time that he met his law partner, Justin Shepherd.


Eventually, Mark decided that the time had come for him to seek a more challenging case load. Thus, he became a prosecutor at the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office in Nashua, NH. While at the Hillsborough office, Mark had numerous jury trials where he prosecuted major felony cases including rapes, child molestations, armed robberies, violent stabbings and beatings, shootings, drug sales, thefts, and serious DWI cases.


As a prosecutor for some of Nashua's most serious felony cases, Mark came to appreciate the reality that there are always two sides to every story or allegation - regardless of what is written in a police report. Mark came to understand that there is no substitute for doing your own work and investigating in order to get to the bottom of a case. Towards the summer of 2007, Mark decided that he had tired of the monotony that sometimes comes with being a prosecutor. He had grown bored and frustrated with simply giong to work and pointing the finger at people who had made mistakes in life. He decided that the best way to help people in a manner of which he could be most proud, was to become a defense attorney.


After a long talk (actually several) with his friend and longtime co-worker, Justin Shepherd, Mark and Justin decided to open their own private law firm on Main Street in downtown Nashua, NH. Since then Mark has been trying major felony, misdemeanor, and DWI cases in front of judges and juries alike throughout New Hampshire. In and out of court, Mark has been strategically battling for his clients and seeking fariness, justice, vindication, compassion, and common sense solutions on their behalf.